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We love to help people get out on the water on a boat that fits their particular personality and skills .

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Schroth Fiberglass

15605 Checotah Drive, Austin, TX 78734, US

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Fred leading a race at the 2009 Halifax Masters Worlds

Our Eclectic Services

We began 40 years ago as a consulting service for management of the fiberglass laminating   departments of boat manufacturing companies.  Between jobs we started fixing some boats for local sailors, fishermen, and boat dealers. Sometime in 1982 we began focusing primarily on boat repair and set up our facilities to provide services to sailboats up to about 35 feet in length. 

  We also love to help design and create special fiberglass items. Over the years we have built pedicabs, dinghy molds, fiberglass motor mounts, buildings for huge electrical generators, bus stop passenger shelters, wind driven electrical generator blades, "fake" brick walls made of fiberglass, chairs, tables, shower pans,  powered tricycle bodies, race car and truck  bodies, and we build all sorts of wood parts for boats and rebuild boat interiors. 

  Fundamentally, we love to create functional and durable products and figuring out how is half the fun. 


The Easter Laser Regatta ( now with AEROs)

We have been hosting the Easter Laser regatta since 1984.  With fleets as large as 84 boats,  sailors from all over North America, and attendance by a large group of Olympic medal winners, world Champions, National champions, and  whole lot of wonderfully interesting friendly  people , We are proud of the fact The Easter Laser Regatta is Austin's longest running uninterrupted annual traditional  sailing  event

Our Super Secret Ship's store

We do not have a full time staff or even a cash register but we do stock more sailboat equipment,  lines, and paints  than any other store in central Texas. It is always wise to call ahead as we have to interrupt whatever else we were doing to put on our store service personnel hats.  As we maintain sailboats every day, we have almost everything needed to fix your boat on hand. We also have a good supply of sailboat cordage, cleats, pulleys, and a huge collection of used parts Fred and his friends have collected over the last sixty years. To the extent we can afford the space, we keep as many vintage never to be manufactured again parts for that day when some fellow boater needs one. Some sailors call our tiny store a candy shop for sailors. 

Also, We usually have a favorite source for ANYTHING having to do with boat maintenance or upgrades. Sometimes a savvy shopper can find a better price than we can offer but  we can usually help a sailor get the exact right line  either from our stock or from our supplier by the next day. 

Service Work

We see ourselves as your last stop. Whatever it is you want to accomplish with respect to sailboat maintenance, no one has stumped us yet.  Certainly we often refer customers to the experts at Bartlett Sails, professional mechanics, professional riggers, or professional transporters but we love being the guys who finally and completely solve your problem. 

Major Service Work and Restorations

Some projects take weeks or even months. We love making that well loved old toy into a gorgeous functioning machine. Projects of this sort are generally preceded by weeks or even years of prior planning,  stop by anytime e to discuss your project. Hint: We pay better attention  when we are discussing plans over lunch.   

Racing Upgrades.

Our old magnetic truck door signs said "World's Fastest Sailboat.."  We prepped the bottoms and organized the rigging on a couple boats that went on to win their world championships or won Olympic medals and racing sailors from all over the USA have been bringing us their toys ever since. We race and we have limited  budgets for our sailing. Everybody has priorities. We pride ourselves in our ability to help our customers spend their money where it matters most and keep the rest for  other things.  We abhor upselling. The only time we take more from your wallet  is after making that "Oh no we found this" phone call and asking you to decide whether we should fix the newly disccovered problem.